These accompaniments are a unique feature in South Asian cuisine essential as sauces to flavor & spice main course.
Coconut Sambol
Finely grated coconut mixed with a combination of hot red chillies and other spices. Excellent in combination with plain rotti
$ 4.95
Seeni Sambol
Thin chips of Maldives’s dried fish & thinly sliced onions cooked until perfectly tender in sweet, hot OR tangy spices
$ 5.95
Katta Sambol
A mixture of coarsely ground red chilies, chipped Maldives’s dried fish & onions in lemon juice (only for those who like their food very hot)
$ 5.95
Fried Sprats (Sardines)
Fried Maldives’s dried fish with sliced onion & crushed red pepper
$ 12.95
Ceylonta Style Chutney
A hot sauce made from blended coconut, chillies, and lime (recommended with all dishes)
$ 4.25
Mixed vegetable soup, flavored with tamarind and chilli
$ 3.95
Steamed Rice
A plate of basmati rice served with pappadam
$ 3.75
Basmati Rice
A plate of basmati rice cooked in ghee flavoured with saffron and fried onions
$ 3.95
A quick fried crispy, mildly spicy, thin lentil wafer (4 pieces)
$ 2.95
Naan Bread
Heated Indian flat bread
$ 2.95