Six separate dishes of curried vegetables with steamed basmati rice & pappadam. It is popularly known as 'rice & curries'.
Vegetable Thali
One vegetable can be substituted with yogurt.
$ 15.95
Meat Thali
One dish of chicken, or beef, or mutton added to the vegetable thali.
Chicken$ 18.95
Beef$ 18.95
Mutton$ 19.95
Butter Chicken$ 19.95
Fish Thali
One dish of fish added to the vegetable thali.
$ 19.95

A very rich pilau served at festive occasions. The meat / the vegetables has been pre-cooked in special spices and is mixed with basmati rice that has been cooked and delicately spiced with cardamon and saffron. Finally it is gently steamed to blend the flavors.
Chicken Biryani$ 16.95
Beef Biryani$ 16.95
Mutton Biryani$ 17.95
Shrimp Biryani$ 18.95
Vegetable Biryani$ 16.95
Butter Chicken Biriyani$ 17.95