These side dishes will complete your main dish, by adding a flavorful experience.
Ceylonta’s Roast Beef
Strips of tender beef stir-fried with sliced onions and crushed red peppers, recommended with any steamed entrée.
$ 15.95
Ceylonta’s Chicken Palandi
A skinned half chicken crispy on the outside and tender inside, marinated in Sri- Lankan chillies and smothered in our special sauce.
$ 15.95
Ceylonta’s Tandoori Chicken                                           
Three (3) pieces of roasted chicken marinated in Ceylonta’s tandoori spices.
$ 12.95
Ceylonta’s Fish Steak
Crispy king fish steaks marinated in turmeric, hot red peppers, recommended with pittu or plain string hoppers.
$ 13.95