One of the main characteristics of Sri Lankan cooking is that spices like coriander, cumin & fennel are pre-roasted to a deep brown coffee color, imparting a flavor that is strongly individual to this island. Special combination of condiments are added to suit the type of vegetable, meat OR fish. Our curried dishes are excellent in combination with rice, string hoppers, rotti, pittu & Dosai.
Curried Seafood
King Fish$ 14.95
Shrimp$ 17.95
Squid $17.95
Curried Vegetables
Eggplant$ 11.95
Lentils$ 11.95
Potato with Sauce$ 10.95
Beans, spinach, cabbage, mixed vegetable, okra, soya (tvp) chickpeas, curried pineapple, squash & beats (ask for the special of the day)
$ 10.95
Curried Meat
Chicken$ 12.95
Beef$ 13.95
Mutton$ 15.95
Butter Chicken$ 16.95