Butter Chicken Poutine
Fries immersed in delicious butter chicken sauce, topped with cheese curds and juicy pieces of chicken.
$ 12.99
Mutton or Vegetarian Rolls
Crispy bread crepe stuffed with mildly hot curried goat or curried mix vegetables, served with red chilli sauce.
$ 3.49
Fish Cutlet
A large croquette made of flaked fish and mashed potato. Mixed and rolled with onions and aromatic hot spices
$ 2.95
Ulunthu Vadai
Donut shaped with daal (black gram) savouries served with tangy coconut chutney.
$ 2.95
Kadalai Vadai
Fried patties of spicy lentil and urid daal similar to falafels.
$ 2.95
Vegetable Samosa
Popular Indian pastry stuffed with spiced vegetables.
$ 2.95
Vegetable Soup
A mixed vegetable soup, flavoured with tamarind and chilli.
$ 4.95
Curry flavoured stock with a touch of tamarind.
$ 4.25
Sambar Vadai
Donut shaped urith dhal (black gram) savory served with tasty sambar, lentil-based vegetable stew.
$ 5.95